Home Delivery Program

Our animal hospital offers a convenient home delivery service for your pet’s prescription diets. We also offer monthly preventatives not carried in hospital. This service provides affordable and convenient autoship programs so your pet’s food and preventatives are delivered to your home, on time, just when you need it.

We realize the convenience of home delivery and would encourage you to use our home delivery service through our home delivery web stores, for your next order. We offer competitive pricing and appreciate the direct support of our small business instead of a big box store.

For Royal Canin Prescription Diets and monthly preventatives not carried in hospital, order via The Downers Grove Animal Hospital Webstore. We encourage you to use this month’s promo codes below for additional savings! These savings are on top of the manufacturer’s rebates saving you more! 


For Hill’s Prescription and Wellness Diets order via Hills To Home.

For Purina Veterinary Prescription Diets order via Proplan Vet Direct.