Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Here at Downers Grove Animal Hospital & Bird Clinic, we offer the highest quality boarding and grooming facilities. Our professionally trained staff provides tender, loving care for your dog, cat, bird, or pocket pet. All boarders are kept in a completely controlled environment and all rooms are heated and air-conditioned. In addition, your pet will be protected against infectious diseases by our compulsory vaccination policy and will be monitored by our staff veterinarians. Your pet will be fed a premium, commercial diet and will be exercised in outdoor, covered runs. Dogs are excercised three times daily and your pet’s indoor quarters will be scientifically sanitized by our professional staff.

Check-in and Check-out

  • Much like a hotel, we charge for the day a pet enters our facility. We have an 11:00a.m. check-out time.
  • Pets discharged after the 11:00a.m. check-out time are charged for that day unless bathed or groomed that day.

Baths for Boarders

  • We would like to send your pet home with you clean and fresh. We offer a bath at a discounted rate for boarders.
  • If the bath is given on the check-out day, there will not be a boarding charge for that day.
  • If the bath is given on a day other than the check-out day, there will be a charge for the bath and that same day of boarding.
  • Baths are available every day of the week.

Blankets, Toys, etc.

  • We have blankets and towels available for use by your pet.
  • If we keep one of your blankets or towels, it may be misplaced in the laundry, so it must have your name written on it with an indelible pen.
  • Toys also have the possibility of being misplaced.


  • We provide top quality diets for our kennel friends, but we encourage you to bring our own food.
  • If you choose to supply your own food, please bring only enough for your pet’s stay.


If you would like to make arrangements for boarding your pet while you are away, call Downers Grove Animal Hospital at (630) 968-2812. We are located at  635 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, Illinois.